Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shahrukh Khan - some facts

I have decided that the best way to start blogging about Shahrukh Khan is by doing a post which tells as much detail about Shahrukh Khan as possible.

Shahrukh Khan’s date of birth is 02 November 1965. At the time of writing this post he is 44 years old.

In the year 1992 Shahrukh first appeared in a major bollywood movie, Deewana.

Shahrukh Khan’s first television appearance was Dil Darya in 1988, the same year he appeared in the hit tv serial Fauji which gave Shahrukh national recognition.

Shahrukh Khan married Gauri in 1991. Gauri has hosted television music countdown show called Oye in 90s. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri has two children Aryan and Suhana. Aryan was born in 1997, this was the same year when Shahrukh appeared in several hit films Pardes, Yes boss, Koyla and Dil tu Pagal Hai.

Shahrukh Khan had a food restaurant in Darya Ganj New Delhi which he closed down before moving to Mumbai to pursue a career in the film industry. He likes to eat Tandoori Chicken which he is avoiding since last five years to maintain his fitness.

Shahrukh Khan Fan Zone

Welcome to the new blog for Shahrukh Khan fans. My name is Geeta, I am a housewife and a die hard Shahrukh Khan fan. This blog is a tribute to king khan. On these pages we will be sharing pictures, images, news, and gossip revolving around our favorite bollywood icon SRK.

I know there already tons of websites about Shahrukh Khan on the internet. Most probably I will not be sharing anything that has not been already published elsewhere on the web. I just thought that it will be a great idea to write and collect information about him on a blog. Just for my self and other fans of Shahrukh Khan. If you like this blog and would like to be keep updated whenever I write something about SRK then please subscribe.

I am following Shahrukh's work since his television days. When shahrukh first appeared in Dewana I told my friends that this guy is going to become the busiest bollywood actor ever. People laughed at me when I praised Shahrukh back then. But later on he became such a superstar that his status in the hindi film industry has become a legend. We love you shahrukh