Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shahrukh Khan Fan Zone

Welcome to the new blog for Shahrukh Khan fans. My name is Geeta, I am a housewife and a die hard Shahrukh Khan fan. This blog is a tribute to king khan. On these pages we will be sharing pictures, images, news, and gossip revolving around our favorite bollywood icon SRK.

I know there already tons of websites about Shahrukh Khan on the internet. Most probably I will not be sharing anything that has not been already published elsewhere on the web. I just thought that it will be a great idea to write and collect information about him on a blog. Just for my self and other fans of Shahrukh Khan. If you like this blog and would like to be keep updated whenever I write something about SRK then please subscribe.

I am following Shahrukh's work since his television days. When shahrukh first appeared in Dewana I told my friends that this guy is going to become the busiest bollywood actor ever. People laughed at me when I praised Shahrukh back then. But later on he became such a superstar that his status in the hindi film industry has become a legend. We love you shahrukh

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