Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why MMS Clips Becoming So Popular?

For many Indians, the popularity of MMS videos of unidentified couples during the moments of intimacy are becoming a huge concern. Many non government organizations spoke against these videos, people filed police complains, some culprits were arrested and even brought to court. But due to the viral spread of such things it was really difficult to catch culprits.

Indian society is a little conservative and even today sex is considered a taboo. Such Indian MMS Clips provided a cheap thrill to many. However it has costed a lot of trouble to many women shown in the clips. Most such clips were shot when these women were unaware that they are being filmed. In some situations these girls and women are shown gladly posing for the video too. However, posing for a video does not mean that they actually agreed upon the viral spread of the videos.

In the Jamshedpur district of India a teenage girl attempted to commit suicide when police refused to accept and file her complain. The parents were heartbroken as they were afraid that their relatives would abandon them and no one would marry their daughter now.

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